jenama lantai domestik boleh mempunyai

Di samping itu, tingkat Dell Jawatankuasa Penganjur Olimpik melalui pemeriksaan ketat kekusutan untuk menjadi pembekal Olimpik, industri lantai keseluruhan sudah pasti menambah kacau, mesti Darjah sudut yang morale.As industri lantai domestik kita semua tahu, beberapa tahun selepas tempoh pembangunan yang pesat,

pembangunan industri lantai telah memasuki Secara tetap, industri ini telah rombakan itu telah bermula, penggunaan pengguna di tingkat juga semakin rasional, membuat beberapa kawalan kualiti dan sumber, tetapi perusahaan kecil dan sederhana telah dihapuskan, del tingkat untuk menjadi pembekal Olimpik,

boleh dilihat sebagai industri Flooring domestik di dunia dan jumlah besar Akuan pengguna: “jenama lantai domestik kita boleh mempunyai sama kualiti bertaraf dunia, boleh menerima ujian yang sama, yang sama boleh membuat kepuasan pengguna!” “Ia boleh dikatakan bahawa Dell mengetuai lantai keseluruhan industri lantai untuk” kualiti Olimpik “untuk masuk,

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bright red acid

Stuff of branch of bright red acid is very a lot of older 5 years ago ” sell by the car ” , at present aniseed is searched hard ” theory jin sell ” , branch of bright red acid will be greeted consider jin of period that say! Cross little material a few years to search hard also again, or will ” sell by the gram ” .

“Without glue of formaldehyde green lumber sticky agent makes crucial technology consider ” the meeting that start is in the task Feng Lin group is held On December 20, “935 ” national emphasis research and development plans a project ” without glue of formaldehyde green lumber sticky agent makes crucial technology consider ” the meeting that start is in the task Feng Lin group is held. Come from Chinese forestry science controller of the delegate of the unit such as Inc.

of group of trade of forest of abundant of university of aricultural of university of forestry of institute of industry of chemistry of forest products of academy of science of forestry of institute of academy lumber industry, China, Beijing, Fujian, Guangxi, task, researcher in all 20 Yu Ren ginseng are met. The conference is chaired by Wang Chunpeng of researcher of institute of chemistry of forest products of academy of Chinese forestry science.

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indoor environment

Secondly, to ensure no pollution of indoor furniture, The selection of furniture, materials, processing technology are in line with the “standard” indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limit of harmful substances, it may be the environmental pollution-free furniture.

Look for Song Guangsheng, China Indoor Decoration Association, CMA Testing report the detection of indoor environment monitors central director now the market there are four such issues: One is that some detection units do not follow the implementation of the standards, testing is not strict;

Part II is not up to the quality of employees; Three is the test equipment market is not standard; Four is the part of a testing institution to take the form of subcontracting, leading to the detection of market confusion.

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solid wood floor

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right-and-left wood

Regretful is, the 300 thousand right-and-left wood inside storehouse is all melt into is cindery. Be the same as what duration must rejoice is, because fireman is seasonable rush to save life and property, another storehouse that there are nearly 1 million woods on edge of storehouse of be on fire is in good condition nondestructive.

Pre-test of reason of be on fire is likely because of circuit ageing Well how can storehouse break out conflagration? Accident scene, a middleaged man says he is the controller of the enterprise, what is there inside storehouse combustible article, also did not use electric equipment kind product, he suspects a department the be on fire that circuit ageing causes. Accident storehouse is built rise to have almost 34 years time, circuit is opposite relatively ageing, last circuit examination or summer when.

Be on fire of the late night inside storehouse besides circuit reason, he wants to be less than other reasons. The reporter investigates discovery, similar accident happens from time to tome in the town enterprise. For example, controlled at 10 o’clock on July 18, 2016 morning, river ageing of circuitry of doubt of a mill inside area Cao Wang Jing breaks out fire. After catching fire, a man that produces in mill alone undertakes saving oneself, arm and leg ministry are inadvertent by burn.

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America the floor

Therefore, we suggest that consumers choose a reputable brand decoration company, demand the more fine the better the price of the decoration. Due to the impact of the tsunami, exchange rate, oil price and other important factors, domestic floor prices have appeared very rare rising trend.

“The Shanghai market, the price of the whole plate is basically in stock-grab, some varieties have risen by 50% per cent.”According to the briefing,” the rising trend will continue for quite some time.”This kind of background, Reporters from the industry was informed that, in North America the floor, giant Canada Sino-forest’s high-profile international companies the opportunity and threw myself into the Mainland of China, for the large solid wood flooring market space.

The raw wood materials of solid wood flooring in China have been mainly imported from South America and Southeast Asia.”real wood floors in Southeast Asia have been popular with consumers because of their lower prices.”

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overall floor sales will appear

a number of website survey: more than 70% of consumers said that the recent purchase of real estate 17173, and even about three percent of consumers think , House prices fell less than 30% determined not to buy. And well-known economists analysis,outdoor wood wall paneling disadvantages the real estate market will begin in April into the observation period, the cycle when in about two to three months. During this period,[url=]exterior tounge and groove flooring for sale[/url] consumers will be waiting for the implementation of government regulation and control policies, and by observing the implementation of the follow-up rules on the 10th document to determine the timing of purchase. After the observation period, the major cities in the country (with the recent rapid rise in house prices a second-tier cities mainly) the real estate market will usher in a price Qi situation, the market as a whole into the adjustment period.

Through the above analysis we can know that the real estate market turnover of short-term atrophy has been unavoidable,portable fence restaurant patio the impact on the floor consumption I believe that the main: 1, due to the impact of the floor by the property process has at least two months of lag, So this year’s “51” during the floor sales will not be a great impact, but in view of the late confused market judgments, the major companies may be “51” as the New Deal after the implementation of this year’s most important promotional festivals, so here 2, in view of the impact of the New Deal control of the “small property room”, less than 90 square meters of the first set of housing and new delivery support,[url=]how to install a plastic flower rack on the deck?[/url] “11” during the National Day floor sales by 10 The impact of the document is less than the extent of decline in commercial housing turnover.

But at this time happens to be in the adjustment period (after the end of the observation period and then lag two months after the calculation), the major cities in 6,7,8 months of real estate turnover after a significant decline in the process, the overall floor sales will appear The first decline since the second half of 2009,[url=]swimming pool floor price in Finland[/url] I believe that the decline is probably not less than 10-15% over the same period last year, while the second-tier market competition tends to white-hot; 3, to 2011, 10 file follow-up measures and market expectations have been clear Focus on real estate network, housing prices fell to a certain location after the start of stability. As the rigid demand for housing consumption still exists,healthy building network plastic lumber product ratings so at this time on the real needs of consumers living in the wait and see after the gradual acceptance of the land after the property prices.

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meeting and association of importer

The 2nd, according to me meeting and association of importer of American international wood are opposite phasic analysis and beautiful ITC export compound floor to our country ” double instead ” the outcome is decided the 4th times at the beginning of reexamine, we think to be in through my meeting precatory the effort of association of importer of group of domestic and international lawyer and American international wood falls, should consolidate reexamine place is obtained the 4th times on one hand ” double turn over ” the favorable result that reduces first;

On the other hand, must have made sufficient preparation actively, the beauty that will have this year is right China exit is multilayer solid Mu Fu joins a floor board ” double instead ” strive for on reexamine of 5 years of sunset active, obtain should appeal to a victory. According to the schedule of beautiful ITC, ITC general in January 2017 the portion is multilayer solid Mu Fu adds up to floor case to whether start fast sunset reexamine or comprehensive sunset reexamine to make a decision, will start the investigation of sunset reexamine formally in May 2017.

If sunset reexamine battle can win a victory, DOC will cancel to export the United States to our country multilayer what solid Mu Fu joins a floor board is double return tax rate, end investigation, industry of floor of our country compound wood will get the harmonious environment of international trade a few years.

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antibacterial floor

The antibacterial of state-certified inspection institutions, In a sample of 10 companies in the product, Macro resistance, the Rona, The saint, Shengda, Paco, Kuyt, GaiI Tess, let’s rejuvenate and good antibacterial effect of antibacterial floor of 8 companies.

Antibacterial anti-bacterial floor rate in excess of 90% standard requirements, grade also exceeded the level of anti-mycotic characteristics, and has good mildew resistance.The other two companies have low antibacterial and anti – mildew indicators, and they do not meet the standard requirements.

It is reported that the sample survey is the antibacterial association after the market investigation of the antibacterial refrigerator, for the anti – bacterial product market to conduct another market investigation activities.According to the anti-bacterial Association said.

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floor surface

Following on these “symptoms” to discuss the method of diagnosis and treatment: insects: because of the insect in lumber eat by moth, floor surface often see piles of powder, disturbing.The reason is related to the floor material selection.

In order to prevent the moth, one is to buy after drying kiln steam injection process to produce the floor, although the price is more expensive, but it will kill all of the eggs in the wood; The other is the careful selection of the keel, always have bug eye or bark uniform need not.

Ba feng: some floors have been paved for a few days, and there was a big gap between the Flat noodles.These are all related to the moisture content of the floor before laying the floor, and contract because of indoor high temperature or air drying.

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